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Announcing Robina Courtin's 2017 Australia Visit

Robina doesn’t fit the mould of what people expect a nun to be. She’s outspoken, fiery, passionate, warm and funny and speaks with rapid-fire clarity and precision.

Australian born, she is a Buddhist nun and social activist who has spoken to audiences around the globe during the last 30 years with a focus on women’s rights, social activism and the search for deeper meaning in life. She has a frenetic international speaking and teaching schedule that sees her traversing the globe on a monthly basis.

And now she is coming to Australia in September to help us all Harness the Craziness of these turbulent times and believe us, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS HER.

Recently Robina was invited by Google recently to present at their headquarters and impart her knowledge and give insight into human behaviour around us being ‘social beings’ and our attachment to what others think of us. Very relevant for life in the world of social media. It was entitled "live a life true to yourself”. Audience members often comment that Robina is one of the most "energetic and effective communicators" they’ve had the pleasure of listening to (and learning from).

For information and to purchase tickets to all her events, please visit Robina's page on our website -

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